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Where Does DNA Come From?

Have you ever been concerned that science seems to conflict with Christian faith?

Science is often talked about as though it is an alternative to religion. That is, a popular conception is that science has replaced Christianity as the best explanation for why the world is the way it is. Is that really true?

Whether you're fascinated by science like me (Joel), or not, you probably know that the world of science has yielded some absolutely incredible discoveries over the last century. One of the coolest of those discoveries is the discovery of the double-helix DNA, the building blocks of life.

DNA can be difficult to understand and explain but it is essentially the instructions within our cells that tell our cells what to do and determine what kind of organism we will be. All this begs the question: has the new information science has brought forth served to support Christian truth claims, or does it undermine Christianity?

Should Christians be concerned that what we believe is unscientific?

Our guest today is Scott Youngren, and he is going to help us find the answer. Scott is a Christian apologist who has been blogging on the topic of scientific, philosophical, and experiential reasons for belief in the existence of God, at his website www.GodEvidence.com, for over 10 years.

Many of Scott’s posts have been featured at the prominent Christian apologetics website thepoachedegg.net, which has received over 6 million page views and has been visited from nearly every country in the world, including countries where Christianity is restricted or banned altogether. He brings his experience to bear in answering the question of where DNA comes from.

Scott explains why DNA is an actual language, and how language must come from a mind, and why the language of DNA is inexplicable apart from God. Don't miss this exciting, educational and equipping discussion on God and DNA.

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Show Highlights

  • DNA is an actual language

  • DNA contains vast amounts of information

  • Information theory investigates the nature of information and language

  • Language requires a mind behind it

  • The laws of nature could not account for the complex information contained within DNA

  • The God of the Bible is the best and only explanation for the information within DNA

  • John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the word,” and that takes on understanding when we realize the priority of mind in the universe.

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Where does DNA come from?

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